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F4 Corporate and Business Law

·          Contract breach
·          Employment tests
·          Company articles and memorandum
·          Corporate governance
·          Loan capital
·          Limited liability

F5 Performance Management

·          Linear Programming
·          Analysing Performance using Financial and Non Financial Indicators
·          Activity Based Costing
·          Relevant Costing
·          Budgeting

F6 Taxation

·         Adjustments to accounting profits to calculate income tax of a sole trader.
·         Corporation tax basic groups.
·         Chargeable gains for individuals or companies.
·         Accounting for VAT, including registration dates.
·         Income tax losses.

F7 Financial Reporting
·         Consolidated group accounts with parent, sub and associate - with intergroup trading, items in transit and FV adjustments.
·         Redraft of single entity accounts with adjustments 3. Statement of Cashflow with liquidity ratios.
·         EPS/Construction Contracts
·         Features of a finance lease, with computations.

F8 Audit and Assurance

·         System deficiencies and controls
·         Corporate governance
·         Audit assertions and appropriate audit procedures.
·         Written representations
·         Ethics and safeguards.

F9 Financial Management

·         Net Present Value
·         Working Capital Management
·         Types of finance and WACC – change in Business Risk
·         Analysing performance – financial & non financial measures
·         PE and DVM valuations

P1 Governance, Risk & Ethics

·          Transaction cost versus agency theories
·          Board committees
·          Risk management and the role of internal audit
·          Controlling organisational risks
·          Absolutist versus relativist ethical theories
·          Professional ethics

P2 Corporate Reporting

·          Consolidation Statement of Comprehensive Income (with complex groups)
·          Consolidated Statement of Cashflow
·          Accounting treatment for Pension / Share based payments.
·          Current developments within IFRS'/IAS'
·          Financial instruments at FVTPL and amortised cost.

P3 Business Analysis

·         Project management skills
·         Internal resources and competences
·         Supply chain management
·         Decision tree
·         Budgeting
·         Change management

P4 Advanced Financial Management

·         Overseas Net Present Value
·         Financing incorporating change in Business Risk
·         Black Scholes
·         Corporate failure
·         Interest rate risk management

P5 Advanced Performance Management

·          Quality measurement
·          PEST/Porters 5 forces
·          Incremental Budgeting
·          Public sector performance measurement
·          Activity Based Costing

P6 Advanced Taxation

·         Advising on IHT mitigation with CGT aspects of lifetime gifts.
·         Corporation tax groups with VAT groups.
·         Sole trader trading losses.
·         Employee share schemes.

P7 Advanced Audit and Assurance

·         Audit opinion
·         Evidence
·         Transnational audits
·         Business and financial statement risk
·         Ethics
Quality control

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