Monday, October 31, 2011


ACA papers

There are 15 modules within the ACA qualification with exams in two stages, covering a range of topics from business and finance to law and business strategy:

Professional stage - Knowledge module

red_bullet Business and finance
red_bullet Assurance
red_bullet Principles of taxation
red_bullet Law
red_bullet Accounting
red_bullet Management information

It is possible to study the Knowledge module as an independent qualification, the Certificate of Finance and Business (CFAB).

Professional stage - Application module

red_bullet Business strategy
red_bullet Audit and assurance
red_bullet Taxation
red_bullet Financial management
red_bullet Financial accounting
red_bullet Financial reporting

Advanced stage - Technical Integration

red_bullet Business change
red_bullet Business reporting

Advanced Case Study

The Advanced stage Case Study comprises testing your understanding of complex business issues involving both financial and non-financial data.


ACA Papers                                               ACCA Papers
Accounting                                         F3 Financial Accounting

Assurance                                          F8 Audit and Assurance

Business and Finance                        F1 Accountant in Business

Law                                                   F4 Corporate and Business Law

Management Information                 F2 Management Accounting
                                                          F9 Financial Management

Principles of Taxation                      F6 Taxation

Audit and Assurance                         P7 Advanced Audit and Assurance

Business Strategy                              P3 Business Analysis

Financial Accounting                        F7 Financial Reporting

Financial Management                     Taken and passed
                                                          F9 Financial Management OR
                                                          If you have received a converted pass in F9 you will also
                                                          need paper P4 Advanced Financial Management

Financial Reporting                           F7 Financial Reporting
                                                           P2 Corporate Reporting
Taxation                                            P6 Advanced Taxation

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